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At Blackpool 2012 - everyone was talking about ONE effect!

“This is a KILLER! This multi-use, card to box gimmick just fooled EVERYONE! Over and over again! "When Kevin first sent me the video to show me the effect, it really fooled me. So I watched it again, and it fooled me...again." David Forrest

Without any suspicious moves at all, you can immediately cause a signed card to appear in the card case. Your spectator will watch in disbelief as with empty hands you fairly pick up the box (nothing palmed), show the box on both sides (nothing to see), genuinely un-tuck the flap (the box is really closed - always has been) then slowly and fairly remove the signed card from inside of it. YES! THEY ACTUALLY SEE THE CARD COME FROM INSIDE THE BOX!

In late 2011, Dave Forrest received a link in his inbox pointing at a short video of a ‘card to box’ concept. The sender was Kevin Schaller and the video fooled Dave badly. Dave took Kevin’s initial concept and made additions to the gimmick making it more practical for the real world and, through constant use, began to unearth the true depth of Kevin’s discovery. XBOX was born. Yes, you can very easily have any card arrive in the card box but this is not just a simple ‘card to box’ routine. It is a utility gimmick, a system that will also allow you to seamlessly switch cards in the box for cards in the deck.

So, you can show a card inside the box at the beginning of the effect then secretly switch that card for another during the routine! Imagine the possibilities!

The DVD will teach you THREE knockout routines created by Dave Forrest:

AMBITIOUS CARD BOX A stunning finale for your Ambitious Card routine where the signed card rises all the way up through the deck and ends up inside the card case.

MYSTERY BOX A mystery card, locked in the card box before you start the routine turns out to be the spectators signed selection!

XBOX TRANSPO An impossible transposition between your ‘lucky card’, locked in the card box, and signed selection! Its so fast and impossible, they won’t know what hit them!

Watch the Demo

XBOX by Kevin Schaller - www.full52.com 05:15

Card to Box on STEROIDS! An incredible multi-use, card to box gimmick + DVD! Available NOW at www.full52.com

  • XBOX by Kevin ...
    Card to Box on STEROIDS! An incredible multi-use, card to box ...

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