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Stephen Palmer's 'VOID' thought-of-card revelation might just be one of the cleanest and most impossible versions of this plot available!

Imagine having a deck of cards completely mixed by a spectator, then having them simply look at a card from within. The deck is returned to the box and through a process of visualisation, the card is revealed by the performer.
With Void, this is a reality!
'Void' gives you all the power of the 'Koran Deck' or the 'Mind Power Deck' but with a regular deck of cards!

This might just be the fairest think a card you will ever do with a normal deck. The limitations are minimal and the routine offers a 'blank slate' for your own performance style.
From tabled handlings to in the hand's riffle shuffle handlings there is something for every performing style and ability. This is a real signature piece!
Key points to remember:
: Easy set up!
: A regular deck with no gaffs or duplicates!
: No physical or psychological forces!
: Quick reset - ideal for strolling performers!
: Suitable for ALL skill levels!
: Looks incredibly fair!
: 100% reliable!


"In this booklet Steven explores several avenues in the realm of thought of card work. There's some exceptionally clever ideas and routines here that both mentalists and card guys will enjoy and find stimulating. Added to this, Steven has an exceptionally clear writing style I enjoyed and the addition of myriad very clear photographs really aid the learning process. Steven is a deep thinker and it shows in this work. I thoroughly enjoyed it and recommend it!"
John Carey
"If you perform ANY kind of 'thought of card reveal' then your knowledge will remain incomplete until you read this excellent little book. The author obviously has considerable experience with these techniques and themultiple approaches explored in his book will be a valuable addition to anyone who wants to read minds using playing cards. Highly recommended."
Mark Elsdon

"Void' is a great read, and essentially a masterclass in the tips and subtleties involved in revealing thought of cards. Any card magician or mentalist will find routines of great value" 
Liam Montier 

"Void is a series of effects that are quite simply awesome! My favourite is into the void: deviant. The level of detail in this book is unparalleled! No stone left unturned! That's what I want out of a book of any kind, not for it to leave me with questions but for it to leave me sizzling with ideas and Void does not disappoint! Mr Palmer, mate, I salute as this work is top notch! Should make any person on the fence about using cards in mentalism come over to the right side!"
Ben Cardall 

"VOID" covers several variations of a perfect thought of card divination; creating a vital manual for anyone interested in the plot. Mixing solid and deceptive methods from both the magic and mentalism schools of thought; Palmer gives clear and concise instructions. This book is not to be missed!"
Dee Christopher

"Thoughtfully constructed with some wonderfully devious ideas at play, all of which can easily be transposed into other routines and effects. The card divination sequences are particularly ingenious and have been streamlined to make them as simple, solid and effective as possible!"
Darren wolf

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