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Dave Forrest presents three stunning card effects with one thing in common - a simple gaff card!

"TRANSFORMER is outstanding....a terrifically clean, direct routine!" Peter Duffie

"TRIO is great man! I LOVE the card to wallet. So, freakin' well thought out. The vanish is PERFECT!!" Cameron Francis

EFFECT 1 – ‘SHRINK’ - A HYPER VISUAL SANDWICH EFFECT. An incredibly visual sandwich effect with a stunning climax that will guarantee you are remembered. A selected card is continuously discovered in between the two Jokers, each time more impossible than the last. Eventually, you confess to the method - you are actually making the card too small to be seen! With that you shrink the selection to half its size! This is a stunner!

EFFECT 2 - 'TRANSFORMER' - A MULTIPLE SELECTION ROUTINE Three cards are selected and lost back into the pack. The Jokers impossibly trap the first selection, lets say its a Seven. Six cards are counted off the top of the deck and the seventh card is shown to be the second selection! Attention is now drawn back to the Seven, in between the two Jokers - it has transformed into the third selection! A real commercial stunner - perfect for table hopping!

EFFECT 3 - 'FLIGHT' - A 'TEST CONDITIONS' CARD TO WALLET A card is selected. The spectator signs the face and the back is marked with a large ‘X’. The signed card is placed in between two Jokers and the three card packet is left outjogged from the centre of the deck - the spectator can still see the selected card at this point. With a snap of your fingers the deck is spread and there is now NOTHING in between the Jokers - the signed selection has completely vanished! You reach into your back pocket - that you have been nowhere near the entire time - inside your regular, everyday wallet is the signed card! THE GAFF CARD The required gaff card along with a matching miniature card are both included with the TRIO DVD!

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