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Trickery Part One


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David Forrest's 'TRICKERY' - A Collection of Close Up Magic - PART ONE

Finally available again on instant download, the critically acclaimed double DVD set from Dave Forrest that started it all!

"This is certainly one of the best magic videos out there. SO MANY GREAT TRICKS!" David Regal

Containing over TWENTY stunning effects, flourishes and routines, TRICKERY is a veritable treasure chest of close up magic packed into this new, two part download set, containing material spanning cards, coins, bills, mentalism, and a matchbox!

"You're gonna LOVE the way this guy thinks! Crisp, direct methods that go right for the KNOCKOUT PUNCH! Not the slightest air of 'confusion' or unnecessary activity in his work as he pursues pure 'effect'. I know we're just seeing the beginning of what Dave Forrest is going to bring us. Enjoy!" Jack Carpenter

Acknowledged as an innovative and creative magical thinker, Dave Forrest has gained a reputation for developing ingenious magic handlings often utilising clever 'why didn't I think of that?' gimmicks. On TRICKERY Dave unleashes over THREE HOURS of instruction in some of his favourite material. This stuff FRIES people!

With a skill level attainable by all magicians, this is jaw-droppingly impressive stuff that YOU WILL PERFORM! No pipe dreams! No crazy, impractical ideas! No waste of time, pie-in-the-sky concepts! These are nuggets of genius!

"I thoroughly enjoyed these DVD's. It's refreshing to see good magic performed in a relaxed, natural style with the emphasis on 'effect’”. Peter Duffie

Dave Forrest's TRICKERY - the best magic purchase you'll have made in years!


Wallop: About to start his set, the magician reaches into his ordinary, every day, hip pocket wallet and produces a complete, un-gimmicked deck of cards!

Ace-capade: The first effect immediately goes awry as an attempt to find an Ace goes wrong! With a flourish, the wrong card becomes an Ace as, instantaneously, the other three Aces are also produced.

Blind Lemon Aces: Jack Carpenter generously allowed Dave to include this power-house Ace effect on the DVD. Dave says: "It's one of the best, most direct, card tricks I've ever come across. It makes you feel like a real magician!"

Ace Collectors: The Aces are lost into the deck which is then shuffled face up into face down. The whole deck rights itself except the three Aces, which have 'collected' the three mates of a signed selection. The signed selection is then removed from the magicians pocket!

Assembled with a Twist: An assembly effect with a kicker! After the four of a kind has assembled one of them switches places with a signed selection in the deck!

Hypnotic Cut: A simple, in the hands false cut. You'll find yourself doing it over and over and over and over….

On Holemeal: A simply stunning sandwich effect. The signed card visually arrives between the two sandwich cards, one of which has a large hole cut in it! The spectators actually SEE the card materialise. Get your hole-cutter ready, you're going to use this!

Grassbox: Gimmick your card case in a head-slappingly simple way! You may now clearly read any information written on a business card and placed into the card case.

Bil-ink: Signed Bill to Marker Cap. No fumbling, switching or any funny business. Vanish the bill, find it in the marker cap! A ridiculously direct effect!

Glazed and Confused: Card Through Window - Miniaturised! A selected card VISUALLY jumps through the cellophane of the card case without the use of gimmicks!

Revolution Colour Change: A super visual change where one card appears to instantly 'morph' into another.

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