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The Wristband Revalation


Product Description

'The WRISTBAND Revelation' An original idea by Liam Montier and Steve Dela re-designed by Dave Forrest

This is the 'WRISTBAND Revelation'. A custom made silicone charity wrist band modeled on the popular 'LIVESTRONG' bands. Dave Forrest has re-designed these new bands to look more like the genuine bands. The card value has been changed to 'FIVESPADES' and embossed in a font size and weight that closely resembles the real band. At a glance, you wouldn't know you were looking at anything other than a real 'LIVESTRONG' band! And, you never need to worry about leaving home without it because you'll never take it off! Never underestimate the simple, straight forward power of revealing a selected card in an unusual way. Professionals the world over know that lay people LOVE this type of thing and an 'always ready' visual revelation innocently wrapped round your wrist is worth its weight in GOLD!

Each package includes a custom 'FIVESPADES' band and access to a 20 minute video detailing two ways to force a card, details on the new 'visual change' concept made possible thanks to the new design and two complete card routines utilising the band in fresh new ways!

And, every 'WRISTBAND' package includes a GENUINE 'LIVESTRONG' band, purchased directly from the 'LIVESTRONG' foundation so, while you gain an awesome 'hidden-in-plain-sight' card revelation, you're also doing your bit for an excellent cause!

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