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Michael Murray's 'SPRINGBOARD'

To read someone's mind creates a mystery. To empower them to read yours creates a MIRACLE!

"Mike Murray has devised what is possibly the most important new playing card mentalism concept of the last decade. It's a truly devious idea, one which allows you to empower the spectator in a way that seems completely unfathomable. He has found a holy grail that we didn't even know we were looking for..."- Mark Elsdon

"Springboard is an excellent read. I enjoyed Michaels unusual approach and application of a simple principle that together I am confident can create astonishing reactions for everyone!" - Luke Jermay

The mentalism world is currently abuzz with rumour and excitement. Apparently, someone has made an incredible leap forward in the field. Someone has developed a method for the most convincing demonstration of 'spectator as mind reader' EVER. That someone is Michael Murray and that method is 'Springboard'. We realise that, in the world of magic and mentalism, there's a lot of 'hype'. This is not hype. 'Springboard' looks and FEELS like THE REAL THING!

How can a spectator accurately divine your thoughts? Here's one possible scenario: You have a spectator think of a card from the deck. You explain that you are also thinking of a card and that you will teach the spectator how to actually read your mind! Your spectator, using their own thoughts as a 'springboard', mentally develops an image of the card that YOU have in mind. You remove a card from the deck and place it face down on the table. The spectator announces which card they think YOU are thinking of - this is the very first time they have said ANYTHING about your card - let's say they've envisaged the Seven of Spades. They turn over the card on the table and it is indeed the Seven of Spades. That's just ONE example! This technique is LIMITLESS in its applications!

10 Key 'Springboard' facts to consider:

1. Springboard DOES NOT involve equivoque.

2. At NO POINT during the Springboard procedure does the spectator say out loud either a colour, a suit or a value - there appears to be NOTHING to give you any clue of the card they are forming a picture of.

3. NOTHING is written down during Springboard.

4. The Springboard concept is NOT exclusively for use with playing cards.

5. Springboard does NOT rely on 'dual reality'.

6. Springboard is practically impromptu - do it anytime, anywhere. (Some of the included routines don't even use the deck!)

7. Springboard is EASY TO LEARN. There is NO complicated procedure, memorisation or system to learn.

8. Springboard IS a genuine METHOD. This is not muscle reading, NLP, or interpretive guesswork.

9. Springboard does NOT rely on ambiguity or double speak.

10. And of course, Springboard does not use a stooge/instant stooge - they'll genuinely feel like they read your mind - IT'S REALLY THAT GOOD!

"This is one of the smartest psychological card subtleties I've had the pleasure of learning. It's direct and creates a moment of genuine magical amazement for your participant." - Colin McLeod

"This is f'ing lovely! I read this and just had to try it out. Be attentive and see this for what it is...It certainly sparked several ideas in my mind" - Pete Turner

"Michaels Springboard gambit is the single best technique for discerning a genuinely thought of card I have ever seen and the structure with which he has framed his technique is nothing short of masterful. I was only sent the first few pages and I can honestly say I've never been so profoundly impressed and made so genuinely ecstatic by so few words. Seriously. It's GENIUS!"- Dave Forrest

In addition to learning the incredible new technique that is Springboard, youll also learn how to expand on the concept with these show stopping routines:

1. KNOWING - The original Springboard routine that started it all.

2. THE KILLER - A version of Kenton Kneppers seminal ‘Kollosal Killer routine using the principal.

3. DUPLONIA - Paul Vigils excellent Diplopia gets the Springboard treatment.

4. MCLEODS INVISIBLE DECK IDEA- Colin McCleod chips in with a BRILLIANT idea.

5. WATCH THIS- The technique is taken beyond cards - they actually tell you what TIME youre thinking of.


PLUS: Since Springboard was first distributed among a select few, other ideas have come to light. Michael has compiled these in a SECOND BONUS EBOOK thats included FREE with your purchase of Springboard! The bonus booklet includes the brilliant Springback routine which uses no playing cards at all - just pure mentalism! Ok - so it all sounds too good to be true, right? Can a random spectator REALLY read your mind? In the interest of complete fairness it should be mentioned that Springboard may not 'hit' 100%, all of the time BUT theyll most always still be jaw-droppingly close.

As an example, in certain cases, the spectator may announce you are thinking of The Four of Clubs and the card on the table is The Four of Spades. Or, maybe they announce The Six of Diamonds and the card on the table might be The Five of Diamonds. Trust me when I say that when a spectator is THAT close to actually reading YOUR mind - they still react BIG TIME! That's due in the most part to Michael's eloquent script that takes into account the ‘near miss scenario and actually builds toward it, turning into a miracle that almost feels MORE GENUINE!

Remember, with Springboard THEY are reading YOUR mind. Its not you who missed its them who came so close! And, what if you run into 'that' spectator? You know - the one who doesn't play along? Who tries to mess you up? Don't worry. Michael's script has got you covered. You simply announce that mind reading is difficult and your spectator is obviously struggling to divine your card accurately. You then proceed to tell them EXACTLY what they are thinking of and it appears that was your intention all along. As a rough estimate, Springboard will be a direct hit 90% of the time. It will be in the 'close enough to count as a miracle' category about 8% of the time. The other 2%? You still get to perform an incredible mind reading demonstration that simply cannot be explained. The bottom line is: You always have a successful conclusion - there's nothing to lose!

Its a phenomenal technique that you will learn quickly and use over and over again. Inexplicable, intelligent, new mentalism doesnt come along very often. Be one of the select few to have this diabolical secret in your arsenal, your spectators AND your magic buddies will be left absolutely speechless when they somehow, without having the faintest clue how, actually read your mind! Michael was advised by most not to release this at all. Then he was advised by most that, should he release it, it should be priced in the high end mentalism bracket. That could be anywhere from £100 upwards. The fact that he is letting this go at this ridiculously low price is beyond everyone but, thats the type of guy he is. Limited release at an affordable price, you cant say fairer than that.


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  1. Great concept.

    Posted by Mats G. Kjellstrom on 12th May 2014

    The only thing I can say, this is good. My highest recommendations, if you like this kind of magic, owe it.

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