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The 'Skullduggery' chop-cup!

EXTREMELY limited in numbers, this is a personal project of mine. And, when producing a custom item, it always makes sense to produce more than one. In this case, I made twelve units. Of those twelve, just TEN are available for sale. I may well produce more if there's enough interest but, for now, there are just ten units.

Here's what the 'Skullduggery' chop-cup package includes:

The cup: Measuring just 60mm x 53mm, the pocket-sized 'gothic skull' cup has been expertly 'chopped' and lined with black neoprene. This ensures zero 'talking' when the work is taking place. It is completely silent in operation - smooth as silk!

The 'balls': Three small, resin skulls are included. These just look incredible and often illicit reactions on sight alone! Thanks to both the irregular shape and small size, these little skulls can be 'clipped' and hidden in your 'dirty' hand more easily, allowing you to perform some VERY convincing, "empty handed" vanishes. They are a total JOY to perform with and, of course, one of them is a 'chop-skull' - it has a magnet secretly hidden inside it.

OVER-SIZED final-load skull*: The final load is a hollow, plastic skull measuring approximately 50mm x 40mm. It is SO lightweight, when you cop it into play, it literally feels like it's not even there! A HUGE bonus for a final load!

Black velvet carry bag: Not just a handy carry-case, the little bag doubles as a close-up mat. Essential to the silent operation of the props while providing a definite focal point for your routine.

  • Intriguing and unusual props.
  • Compact, lightweight and self-contained.
  • Limitless presentational possibilities.
  • Expertly balanced and designed, start to finish, with real-world performance in mind.

The 'Skullduggery' chop-cup set is a close-up workers DREAM! 

There are no instructions included with 'Skullduggery'. If you are not already familiar with chop-cup techniques, this is not for you. *In particular, the 'over-sized' final load means that you CANNOT load the cup and then place it, mouth-down on the table, in the traditional way. In this case, the final load does not entirely fit inside the cup - it protrudes slightly BY DESIGN. The final skull is produced by first revealing a strange 'white dome', partially protruding from the mouth of the cup (a very perplexing image!) then the large skull is slowly removed from the mouth-up cup providing a two-beat/slow-burn finale which will require some natural blocking and general handling finesse. Of course, if you want to end more traditionally, you can swap out the final load for anything you like that fits inside the cup. So, to summarise, I would simply suggest that, if none of this makes sense to you, please DO NOT purchase this item.

Further notes for aficionados: 'Skullduggery' is a 'magnet-to-magnet' chop-cup set, as opposed to the more traditional 'magnet-to-steel' set-up. This is my preferred chop-cup set-up because the relationship between the two magnets allows me (through much trial and error!) to attain a PERFECT balance between the two key props. In other words, when the ball is 'hiding' inside the cup, it is totally secure but, when you want to dislodge it, you can do so in a manner that will not arouse suspicion. Essentially, the 'magnetic relationship' between the chop-cup and the chop-ball is finely tuned to ensure no embarrassing mishaps during professional performance. 

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