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'Seven Steel Horses' (Between The Lines PLUS)

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Magic that happens in their hands is strong but magic that happens in their mind? Unbelievable!


After repeated requests Michael has finally made the fictional book 'STEEL HORSES' (as featured in his worldwide bast-selling effect, 'Between The Lines') available as an actual paperback! This custom printed book contains 100 duplicate pages of the "Between the Lines" text.

You now have 100 authentic book pages which can be given away as a souvenirs at the end of each performance.  Or, you can use it as a force book and perform the effect by 'using a paperback off your bookshelf'!

"I can't give BTL any higher recommendation than this: it is one of only three tricks that I always carry in my wallet and perform all the time. And the other two are tricks of mine!" - Mark Elsdon

"Just tried this out on a friend of mine and to say she was speechless is an understatement!" -Jonathan Pickard

“The direct approach and the nuances of rhetoric language make this effect totally baffling!” - Dr. Todd Landman

Effect: The spectator is handed a small envelope as you explain: "Inside is a page torn from a novel I recently picked up in a second hand book shop. It’s not one of the classics or anything so, It's unlikely you'll have read it. I’m going to begin by setting the scene for you and then ask you to pick up on the details of the story that are actually written on the page. All this based purely on what you are sensing from contact with that envelope. Are you ready? Ok. I want you to imagine that you are stood in the street, looking at an old cinema…"

And so begins ‘Between the Lines’. In the moments that follow you take your spectator on a mental journey driven purely by their instincts and imagination. Along the way they describe to you pertinent details of the scene as it unravels in their mind. At the conclusion, the page is removed from the envelope and your spectator is left speechless as it is becomes clear that the images they conjured from their own mind match almost exactly what is written on the page!

"This is a fantastic effect, by far the best buy i have made over the past two years!" - D.McGhee

"Without exaggeration - this is probably the strongest commercial effect I have seen in a very, very long time. It's brilliant! 'I give this product a 100% recommendation. 10/10" - S. Grant

"In my opinion this is what modern mentalism is all about. Michael has come up with a real world, innovative masterpiece that plays strong for the modern audience." - Kennedy

'Between the Lines’ combines some revolutionary thinking with a classic mentalism effect to create one of the most powerful routines available to date. We all know, as magicians, how often we are asked to demonstrate ‘something’. ‘Between the Lines’ is the epitome of the ‘carry everywhere’ effect, fitting easily inside your everyday wallet. Imagine then, the next time you are asked for an impromptu performance, that with nothing more than the very special props included, you begin a simple conversation only to have it develop into one of the most profound moments that particular spectator has ever witnessed.

No sleight of hand. No extraneous props. Nothing written down. No switches. No stooges. Just you, a small envelope and your spectators mind!

Are you actually influencing your spectator’ thoughts or could this be genuine psychometry? To find out you’ll have to read ‘Between the Lines PLUS’

YOU RECEIVE: A 20 page booklet explaining the entire effect in full detail (with additional handlings) PLUS a 100 page paperback force book that looks completely LEGIT!

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