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SCAMP - Spectator's Card At Magician's Predicted number by Raphael Czaja

"This is an excellent trick." Peter Duffie "I think it's killer and super practical. No hype, here. Just strong practical stuff!" Cameron Francis

"I really like it!! Very clever thinking and a real worker!" Stephen Tucker "I've tried it many times and the audience's reaction is amazing." Tommasso Guglieme

Effect: Two Jokers are removed from a red deck which is replaced into its cardbox. Spectator one places it in his pocket. You write two predictions on the backs of the Jokers and table them. You then introduce a blue deck and ask Spectator two to select any card, let's say the Jack of Hearts. You turn over your predictions. One Joker indicates « HOLD THE RED DECK FACE DOWN » and the other one says « YOUR CARD IS 29TH FROM THE TOP ». Spectator one removes the red deck and holds it face down. He counts 29 cards; the last one is actually the Jack of Hearts!

No duplicates. No gimmick or special cards. No extra deck. A different outcome at each performance. No calculations. No cheat sheets. Easy to do. Almost instant reset.

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