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'Pseudo Memory' from the 'Radio Rental' DVD - www.full52.com

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Radio Rental


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David Forrest's 'RADIO RENTAL' - Mentalism with cards

Dave Forrest does not believe that playing cards and mentalsim don’t mix.

On this DVD you’ll see Dave perform 9 knock out mentalism effects, all of which feature playing cards. But, let’s be clear. This is not a collection of card tricks with a ‘mental flavour’. This is high impact mental material that will allow you to utterly devastate any audience. From impromptu, close-up miracles to material suitable for the stage performer - there is something for everyone on this disk.

Here’s what you’ll see:

FORCE-ITE: The performer thinks of a card and an audience member successfully reads his mind and names that card! No stooges! A major feature of Dave’s lectures, this is an incredible opening effect that is simply unexplainable!

LEAVINGS: In this perfect follow on effect, one audience member thinks of a card and a second audience member correctly names it!

TWO BIRDS WITH ONE STONE: One spectator peeks at a card and another merely thinks of one - you successfully name them both. This clever principle allows you to reveal two thought of cards when you’ve only ever peeked at one!

THE ‘NEVER FAIL’ STOP TRICK: You place a card in your pocket then deal through the pack. The spectator says ‘stop’ and the card they stop you on is the mate to the card in your pocket. This can be repeated again and again and again...

PSEUDO MEMORY: A big hit at Dave’s lectures. You apparently memorise an entire deck in a matter of seconds. This multi-phased routine builds to an impossible climax and begins from a regular shuffled deck.

OUTS OF MIND: Dave’s handling of Dai Vernon’s classic. You succesfully discover a thought of card without ever asking a single question!

DAVE’S THINK-A-CARD: A spectator thinks of a card from a fan - you name that card! A devious quicky for when the time is right.

QUEEN SCREEN: A ‘take everywhere’ mentalism idea using your mobile phone!

THE MAN WHO PAINTS THE FUTURE: An incredible performance piece where the spectators actions and thoughts are eerily predicted in a painting.

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