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Project Zero - Holy Hofzinser. www.full52.com 02:28

Dave Forrest's Project Zero. A double disk set jam packed with amazing close up card magic involving holes! Available now at www.full52.com

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Dave Forrest’s ‘Project Zero’ - An exploration of NOTHING!

The amazing new double disk set featuring fifteen incredible new effects involving holes!

Imagine punching a hole in a card and then casually plucking the hole off. You toss it into the deck where it lands on a signed selection! Or, sliding a freshly punched hole right across the face of a signed card! What if you could take a small 'disk' and attach it to a card where it instantly becomes a real, genuine hole!

All this and more is possible and you can find out how in 'Project Zero'

Dave Forrest has obsessed over the ‘moving hole’ plot for years and ‘Project Zero’ brings together the cream of the crop from his extensive notebooks. On this new double disk set you’ll find holes that move, jump, slide, multiply, appear and disappear. Occasionally though, the hole is just for watching the magic through!

And, ‘Project Zero’ also includes incredible contributions from some of Dave’s friends in magic: Peter Duffie, Cameron Francis, Liam Montier and James Went!

‘Project Zero’ - you’ve quite literally got NOTHING to lose!


SINK HOLE - Visually pluck a hole right off a card and toss it into the deck where it lands on a signed selection!

ACME BAR BET - How to get the coin into the glass? Just make a hole appear in the card of course!

HOLY BUSINESS - Visually slide a hole across your signed business card!

Hole in One - Instantly and visually, a hole jumps to a different location on a signed card!

SHADOW ZONE (BY PETER DUFFIE) - A signed selection becomes impossibly stapled to another card that’s inside an envelope with a large hole in it. In a word? INCREDIBLE!

HOLY HOFZINSER (BY CAMERON FRANCIS) - A classic plot with a holy twist from the creative super-nova himself!

CARPENTRY HOLE - An ultra visual ‘moving hole on signed card’ effect using Jack Carpenters amazing Impulse Change!

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