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Predetermined Thoughts


Product Description

From the creator of 'Mad World' comes this incredible double mind reading feat!

Effect: The magician spreads a deck of cards face down upon the table revealing a single indifferent coloured card in the middle of the deck. The magician informs the audience that this card represents a premonition that he received earlier. This solitary card is slid out from the spread and remains in full view throughout the remainder of the routine.

After the spectator has given the deck a thorough shuffle, it is divided into several small packets.  Whilst the magicians back is turned, one spectator picks up any of the tabled packets.  From this packet, one spectator is asked to think of any red card that they see, and another spectator is asked to remember a black card.

After reading the first spectators mind, the second is asked to name their thought of card aloud.  When the tabled card is revealed, it proves to be an exact match!

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