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Here's a clever and very topical product for use with the new £5 notes which are, at the moment, a natural talking point. We LOVE this!

With 'Parallax' you receive a
 set of FOUR specially made hologram stickers that you simply add to your own, new design £5 notes. The hologram, when flexed back and forth, reveals a card suit and value - FIVE / HEARTS instead of FIVE / POUNDS.

Once you add the sticker to your bank note, you can use if to reveal the card in any of your current favourite routines. Offer to show them something with the new £5 note - immediately, they'll be intrigued! - have them choose a card and BAM! Or, subtly switch a borrowed fiver for your gaffed one and, well, you can imagine the reactions, I'm sure!

Limited only by your imagination, these little holograms look EXACTLY like the hologram that's already on the new note and, as no one's really all that familiar with the new note yet, you'll be sure blow their minds!

'Parallax' is just a really sound idea! Topical and current - it takes a naturally curious item that everyone has and makes a super-cool revelation possible. How you reveal it is up to you!

You will receive: FOUR specially made hologram stickers.

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