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'Pageboy' from 'Automata 3' 02:06

Get the FREE EXPLANATION VIDEO right now!: http://www.full52.com/A3-FREE-DOWNLOAD/ Gary Jones' 'Pageboy' from 'Automata 3' which uses the awesome 'Svengali Business Cards'! Find out more about 'Automata 3' here: http://www.full52.com/automata-3/ 'Svengali Business Cards' available here: http://www.full52.com/pageboy-cards/ www.full52.com

Pageboy Cards


Product Description

As used by Gary Jones in his 'Pageboy' effect from 'Automata 3' this is a deck of 40 'blank both sides' business cards that have been given the 'Svengali' treatment!

Available in either 'Square Corner' (like a business card) or 'Rounded Corner' (like a playing card).

Use this blank deck to force a number, a word, a name, a place...basically ANYTHING! 

The deck comes completely blank so, you can decide for yourself how you use it.

The great thing about this type of pack is it's INNOCENCE! It just looks like some regular card stock that you've written on - completely above suspicion yest you will be able to force, without fail, anything you want in any routine you can dream up!

If you want to learn 'Pageboy' - the trick in the video from 'Automata 3' - good news! It's part of a FREE video that also features one more killer trick that we just couldn't fit on the DVD called 'Call The Chops'.

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