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Pack of Lies demo

Pack of Lies (+ Bonus Monterey Jacks)


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Dave Forrest's 'PACK OF LIES'

Originally featured in Dave's best selling 'Fandango' book, the ingenious 'Pack of Lies' gimmick has now been updated for use with the new style card cases. You have a card selected and returned to the pack which is then locked inside the card case. Holding the case to your head you suddenly announce the name of the selection! This strange feat is repeated before the magician comes clean, revealing a large hole in the back of the box through which the chosen card is peeked! The feat is then repeated a third time and just when the spectators think you must be using the hole in the case again - a snap of your fingers - THE HOLE IS GONE AND THE BOX MAY BE EXAMINED!


+ Dave Forrest's 'MONTEREY JACKS'

Also a feature of Dave's 'Fandango' books, 'Monterey Jacks' is a REAL LAYMAN SLAYER! Two selections are made and left on the table. A spectator is asked to hold onto the four Jacks which have been on full view throughout. Only now are the selections lost back into the pack. At the spectators choosing, the two red Jacks are 'invisbly removed' from his hands and tossed into the pack. Then you claim to do the same with the spectators selection, invisbly removing it from the pack and tossing it towards the remaining black Jacks in his hands! Incredibly, when the deck is spread, the two red Jacks are found, flanking one of the selected cards! And, when the spectator spreads the cards in his hand he discovers that unbelievably, he is holding the two black Jacks with his selection in between! Super easy, killer card magic with an ordinary deck and no preparation!

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