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Love and War


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Jamie Daws presents his genuinely emotive close-up piece, 'Love and War', based on a true life love story. Just read this genuine customer feedback:

“I know that the word "sweet" may be a bit over used these days but that is what this effect is. My father in law just turned 87 and is my soundboard for a lot of my magic. He lives with us so he is kind of a captive audience. We both have war experience and as is the norm, we don't talk about it much. When I performed "Love and War" I could swear I detected a tear in his eye. And for the first time ever he asked me to show him again.... Sweet!!!” 

“Purchased this last night as it sounded interesting and a bit different. Did this today for my wife, had her pretty much close to tears (which made me smile) all I can say is highly recommended, if you want something different from "pick a card" then this is it”.

The tale begins with two young lovers, completely besotted and inseparable. Unfortunately, war tears their relationship apart and they part ways with nothing more than a photograph of themselves, torn in half so that they may each keep the other with them forever.

Unfortunately, time goes by and the pair lose touch, existing separately and alone, unable to ever forget the true love that they once lost.

But, all is not lost. A happy coincidence sees the old couple finally reunited and they can finally, once again hold each other in their arms. And of course, each of them still has their half of the photograph, having kept it throughout all the years. But what when those two torn halves are placed back together...? Well, that would spoil the end of the story now, wouldn't it!

The effect itself sees you, the performer display an actual photograph of the young couple and, in keeping with the story, it is torn in half. Your spectator holds onto one part, you hold onto the other. As the story concludes, the two pieces of torn photograph are revealed and the lovers in the photograph have inexplicably aged! Both parts of the torn photo match up perfectly, can be handed out for examination and kept by your spectator as a souvenir. A memorable give-away for a very memorable effect!

You are provided with the e-book which details the method and includes Jamie's script which goes a lot more detail so you can really get your audience involved. Also included is the special artwork that makes the handling possible. Simply print it out yourself on your home computer - a lifetime's supply!


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