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Initial Here


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After the success of the hugely popular 'Automata' DVD, Gary Jones returns to F52 with this POWERHOUSE effect! 

Gary is one of the busiest professional magicians in the UK for a very good reason. He instinctively knows how to elicit HUGE reactions! 'Initial Here' is a killer effect direct from Gary's working repertoire that proves this beyond any doubt!

Effect: You remove four cards and place them on the table. A card is selected, signed and lost back into the pack. The pack is placed aside and you turn your attenton to the four cards - they are all blanks and each has your initials written on the face. One of these cards is placed into the spectators hands as you explain that you will cause your initials from the three remaining to magically travel and arrive on the card they are holding. One by one, you magically 'pick off' your inititals, dropping them onto the card held by the spectator - your three cards are now completely blank! Then you remind the spectator that they actually chose a card from the deck earlier... They turn the card they've been holding all along only to discover that it is now THEIR SIGNED CARD AND THEIR SIGNATURE HAS NOW BEEN JOINED BY FOUR SETS OF YOUR INITIALS! 

Just watch the video to see what kind of reactions you can expect from this! It's a crazy 'ink matrix' effect mixed with an insane card appearance in their hands - it's an absolute STUNNER!

As well as Gary's direct 'worker' method, other, easier, alternate handlings are also covered PLUS you'll get to learn an original and 'super-fair' card force that Gary uses in the real world, every day!

Gary Jones 'Initial Here' - it's INK-redible!

Instant video download link sent direct to your inbox upon purchase. Running time approx. 30mins. Size: 650mb approx.

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