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The Gathering - Link a borrowed finger ring onto a signed playing card!

Jamie was made a lot of offers from some very 'big name' magic producers all desperate to get their hands on The Gathering. I'm absolutely delighted that he chose to release this astonishing effect with Full 52 Productions - this is a STUNNER!

Your spectator chooses a playing card. You hand them a marker and have them sign their name right across it. You take out a hole punch and make two holes in one end of the card. You then borrow their finger ring and IMPOSSIBLY LINK THE RING THROUGH THE TWO PUNCHED HOLES! YOU THEN HAND THEM THE CARD WITH THEIR RING STILL LINKED ONTO IT! IT IS REALLY ON THERE - IT'S JUST IMPOSSIBLE BUT THEIR OWN FINGER RING REALLY IS LINKED ON TO THEIR SIGNED CARD!

You finish by giving them back the ring in the only way you can - by tearing it back off the card which they may now keep as a souvenir. Jamie and Dave will walk you step by step through the process of prepping the card and then through every step of the handling - Jamie's 'through the top' penetration technique is what makes this effect really fly and all the handling details are thoroughly explained.

FREE BONUS EFFECT! The Gathering also includes Jamie's incredible colour changing deck effect. A card is chosen from a blue backed deck. Suddenly - the back changes to red! So, you give a rub and change the rest of the deck red to match - problem solved! But wait - now the selection is blue again! Hang on - NOW THE ENTIRE DECK IS BLANK - BACK AND FRONT - EXCEPT FOR THE SELECTION!

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