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Between - Forrest/Francis: REDUX - www.full52.com 02:26

A spectators signed card, folded into quarters, emerges from between two of your business cards! BETWEEN you and me? This is GREAT trick! Cameron Francis' 'Between' taken from the new double disk re-release, 'Forrest/Francis: REDUX'. Coming soon at www.full52.com!

Forrest Francis Redux


Product Description

‘The Forrest Francis Project’ was first produced as two separate volumes in very limited numbers and released to the magic community at the Blackpool Convention 2010. It sold out. In In 2013, by popular demand, both volumes are once again available in this mega-value double disk box set.

‘Forrest Francis: REDUX’ contains no less than twenty amazing, unique and original close-up miracles by the creative tag-team that is Dave Forrest and Cameron Francis - two magicians with formidable reputations as prolific creators and original thinkers. These two DVD’s represent a little known treasure trove of solid commercial close-up and in many cases the effects are demonstrated in the real world allowing you to glimpse the impact this material has on the unsuspecting lay public.

It’s your turn to discover this incredible collection of stunning close-up creations and find out why so many magicians world-wide have been eagerly awaiting this re-release.



HADRON COLLIDER You attempt to find a selected card but you fail! Using your trusty 'Hadron Colllider' card you visually 'suck' two pips from the wrong card, changing it into the right one! Very, very weird science!

FF COLLECTORS Three Kings magically trap two selections then they suddenly change into the mates of the third selection and also indicate its position in the deck!

THE 3 CARD Trick Every time you discard one of the four Aces, it somehow makes its way back to the packet! Killer commercial close up with a 'kick in the teeth' finale!

BETWEEN You make two predictions on business cards but, they both turn out to be wrong! The chosen card is then magically produced from between the two business cards!

INVISIBLE Poker Larry Jennings classic 'Invisible Palm Aces' gets an overhaul! This easy but stunning version has a kicker ending that just makes sense!

OFFSHOOT Two cards are selected - a Two and Five, say. The three mates of the Two suddenly appear between the four Jacks. Then suddenly the Jacks transform into the mates of the Five!

COIN THRU HAND You borrow a coin and attempt to push it through your hand but - something goes horribly wrong! On turning your hand over the coin is seen to be sticking half-way out of your palm! You grit your teeth, yank out the coin and hand it straight back!

5 CARD MONTE A 'no palm' card to pocket built into an engaging 'street hustler' routine! Easy and entertaining - you'll definitely be using this one!

LIMELIGHT The cards take on a life of their own! One pops out of the deck and directs you to the location of a selection while some others make a suggestion for your next trick! This routine is practically self working and makes use of a very cool but rarely seen gaff!

IMPOSSIBLE SANDWICH The spectator fairly cuts two red Kings into two separate halves of the deck and re-assembles the deck themselves With NO MOVES you spread the deck and the two red Kings have mysteriously come together in the deck with just one card in between them - the selection! You just won't believe it - you really won't.


EIGHTEEN A shuffled deck is spread and any card is freely named. This value of this card is used to select two more cards and all three cards are added together to form a random number. The named card is turned over and amazingly it is seen to be the only card bearing a messaage: TURN THE BOX OVER! The card box is turned and in huge black letters is the sum total of the three cards!

PIP MY RIDE You visually transfer a pip from one card to another, changing it into the selection. Then you eat the pip! Seriously!

GNOMA A strange kind of sandwich effectwith the Four Aces where nothing is as its seems! PROGRESSION A progressive assembly with a backfire!

TRICK QUESTION A spectator names a four of a kind and an 'observation test' takes place - the spectator being asked to follow the movements of one of the cards. Suddenly the cards all change to a completely different four of a kind and the named four is discovered in the centre of the pack! All but the one the spectator was keeping track of that is - that one's in your pocket!

VOID VOYAGE You visibly remove a hole from a playing card and have it appear on a selection that is held tightly between the spectators hands! A crazy 'moving hole' gimmick makes all this possible!

NEW ADDITION A visual mathematical card trick - but it's NOT boring!

TWIST AGAIN Dai Vernon's classic 'Twisting the Aces' gets the Forrest/Francis treatment! ULTIMATE SEPARATION An 'Oil and Water' routine on steroids...or should that be acid? Ends with an amazing separation of the cards while they're safely locked in the card case!

THE COLOUR OF MONEY How to play pool with playing cards! A routine that is literally bursting with magic and ends with the logical production of a full sized 8 ball!

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