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Full 52 TV Episode 18 - FREE XMAS DOWNLOAD!

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In this weeks episode your chance to pick up a FREE video download! A gift from Dave to you! Find out who won 'The Wristband Revelation', and enter the new comp to win one of 5 copies of the Tunnel Vision download. And, see Lee Smith performs his incredible signature lighter effect! Merry Christmas to you all -- hope it's a BLINDER!

Full 52 TV Episode 17 - FREE EFFECT - 'Rapport'

In this weeks episode we announce the winners to last weeks 'SNAPPED' comp and launch a new comp to win 'The Wristband Revelation'. John Carey performs an awesome coin trick and we have a FREE EFFECT taken straight from the 'Nevermore' DVD! And there's an annoying spinny logo thing too! Yeeeeeeeeaaaaahhh!

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Episode 16 - FREE TUTORIAL - 'Top Con Control'

In Episode 16 of Full 52 TV we announce the winners to last weeks 'Sudden Impact' comp. Dave performs the very awesome 'SNAPPED' effect and launch a new comp to win a copy! Gary Jones joins us and teaches his ridiculously good 'Top Con Control' and Dave addresses the haters who were slagging him off [...]

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Episode 15 - FREE EFFECT + NEW COMP!!

This week Dave performs the very awesome 'Sudden Impact' and offers it up as this weeks comp prize! Plus learn details of the Full 52 Big Winter Sale and learn the VERY cool 'Sneaky Sandwich' effect absolutely FREE! Yeeeeeaaaaah baby!

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Episode 14 - The BFG! That means FREE STUFF!

Ep.14 is 'The BFG' special! BFG stands for 'Big Free Giveaway'. £23.00 ($35.00) of FREE magic for every viewer! All you have to do is visit the website - \/\/\/\/\/\/.full52.com and click the BFG banner at the top of the home page! It's 100% FREE - No strings attached! Enjoy!

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Episode 13 - FREE EFFECT from the 'FF Project vol.1'

The FREE EFFECT this week is taken straight from the currently out of print DVD set 'The Forrest/Francis Project vol.1'! We find out who won last weeks comp to win 'Radio Rental' and we launch a new comp to win 'Fresh Mint'. Dave performs an incredible Mark Elsdon effect - you won't believe your eyes [...]

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Episode 12 - TUTORIAL: Erdnase Colour Change!

In episode 12 we reveal the winners to last weeks 'Colour Burn' comp and launch a new comp to win 'Radio Rental'! Plus we take a look at a very cool effect from the brand new 'Williams & Webb' DVD and we examine the Erdnase Colour Change under the microscope! It's more sparkly than Copperfields [...]

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Episode 11 - Eric Jones / Colourburn / Tent Vanish

In this episode we announce the winners to last weeks 'Nevermore' comp. Dave performs his most requested effect ever - Colour Burn - and launches a new comp to win 5 copies! Plus, we have a very cool transposition effect performed by the one and only Eric Jones and Dave talks about two methods to [...]

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Episode 10 - The Elmsley Count

You asked for it and YOU GOT IT! An in depth tutorial of the hallowed 'Elmsley Count'. In addition, we announce last weeks winners of 'STAR' and launch a new comp to win 5 copies of 'Nevermore'! And, with Haloween in mind, Dave about and performs one of Full 52's finest ever releases - SCARED! [...]

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Episode 9 - TUTORIAL: Awesome False Cut!

This week we reveal the winners of last weeks 'BOXFLIP' compeition and launch a new comp to win a highly coveted 'STAR' DVD! Plus - see what trick Dave is doing all the time right now and learn 'The Flying Cut' - an awesome, airborne, false cut that's really not all that difficult! The anticipation [...]

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