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Dream Poker


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Mark Elsdon, co-writer of Chanel 4's new hit show, 'Ben Earl: Trick Artist', comes to Full 52!

Mark is a creator who is in HUGE demand in the magic world. Be it for his much sought after consultation on major television productions or for general advice and guidance on any and every facet of live magic performance, his is definitely a name to conjour with.

“Did I tell you about the time I won the World Poker Tournament? No? Maybe it’s because it hasn’t happened yet! But it will, it will”

Dream Poker casts the spectator as the one with all the answers. He reveals three irrefutable facts about something that hasn’t even happened yet! In effect, you claim that you recently had a dream in which you won the World Poker Tournament! As confirmation of the yet-to-happen events in this dream you write down three pieces of information – the date and the year of your future ‘win’ and the final card that completes your hand and gives you victory. The participant now uses his intuition to discern the date, the year and the card. Unbelievably, he is 100% correct with all three!

One deck of cards (which can be borrowed) and some slips of paper are all the props required for this powerful piece of mental magic. No sleights, no gimmicks, no dual-reality. The method introduces a radical new approach to the one-ahead principle which has a multitude of possible uses beyond this one effect. You will grin when you read how it is used here.

Dream Poker’s presentation is based on Texas Hold ‘Em, but requires no previous knowledge of the game in order to perform. The manuscript also includes my preferred ‘expert’s handling’ for those who play the game.

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