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Cubism : Maestro


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Back in 2010 I had an idea. Take the classic magicians prop - the 'chop-cup' - and 'normalise' the prop by swapping the spun metal cup and red crotchet ball (items that are, let's face it, simply screaming 'magic prop') for a regular looking dice cup and a dice. The size and weight were about the same and you could 'justify' the props. Everyone's seen a dice cup, right? Made sense to me...

About three years later, after month after month of R&D and multiple prototypes, I was able to present my 'dice-cup/chop-cup' to the magic fraternity at Blackpool 2013. The product was called 'Cubism' and it was, I'm pleased to say, a HUGE success. The product received rave reviews, was ordered in large numbers by a major wholesaler and very quickly sold out.

As proud as I was of 'Cubism', I wasn't completely satisfied with it on a personal level. That's because, during the several years it took to get 'Cubism' to market, it had occurred to me that, in fact, rather than simply being a single chop-cup, the 'dice/dice cup' combo could (should!) actually be expanded into a full 'three cup set' ala 'cups n' balls'.

And so, we arrive at the all new 'Cubism : Maestro'. 

'Cubism : Maestro' is a Kickstarter campaign. We have a very reasonable funding goal and everything is in place to start manufacturing.

Click here to watch the video and order your set NOW!

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