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CUBISM. It's a chop cup - but not as we know it!

"The best thing I saw at Blackpool 2013" Joshua Jay

Years in development, Dave Forrest has finally realised a personal ambition and is very pleased to be able to offer magicians worldwide the most organic chop cup in existence! A beautiful, professionally made leather-bound chop cup complete with TWO perfectly balanced magnetic dice (they always land six side up!) plus the 'blank', the 'mini', two 'fairs' and all load dice AND custom 100mm close-up mat! The chop cup is a classic of magic.

CUBISM brings it bang up to date and provides logical context for the prop. An overwhelming success at Blackpool 2013 - magicians from all over the world were instantly taken by the quality of the props and the plethora of possibilities!

The demo shows just ONE possible routine - your imagination is the limit!

"The possibilities are incredible with all the stuff you get with it and the infinite combinations in which they could be used. It's a natural and easily recognisable object that couldn't be less 'prop-like' if a spectator handed it to you to use him or herself. Can't recommend it highly enough!"

"It's a thing of beauty. Nice to buy something like this that just works!"

"Different and logical - great stuff!"

"Great routine and you get a LOT for your money!"


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  1. Cubism Rocks!

    Posted by Barry on 11th May 2016

    The props are of a good standard and the example routine is very visual. Another reviewer states dice and a cup go together more naturaly than balls, I agree, I believe that the modern vernacular is "organic".

  2. Great Product. Nice Routine.

    Posted by John P on 29th Mar 2016

    Quality props all of which look perfectly normal, are well manufactured and work exactly as they should. Excellent video instructions outlining an entertaining routine. Plenty of opportunity for creating one's own variations. Highly recommended.

  3. Now it makes sense

    Posted by Kevin Bryan on 23rd Mar 2016

    Chop cups rock. I have bought over a dozen and have made as many. The routines always go over well but there was always a stretch as to why this ball and cup go together. But dice and a dice cup are a natural link. Now I feel the whole thing makes sense and I don't even have to change my routine just a little patter.

  4. Best buy, worth every penny.

    Posted by Dave on 11th Aug 2015

    Quality props, the dice/chop cup works better than any cup I've used (I have five different chop cups). Includes everything you need to perform a well thought out routine. Best buy, worth every penny.

  5. cube-TASTIC

    Posted by Bob Taylor on 20th Apr 2014

    I LOVE this set! Everything from Dave's training, the quality of the cups and dice, and especially the crescendoing POW in the final steps! Everyone I have done this for starts with a look of incredulity, then straightway to a big smile! (except Sophie, I showed her probably 10x and she didn't seem impressed. She is, however, a dog!)
    Kudos Mr Forrest!

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