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Conversation as Mentalism


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NEW e-book edition available now!

'Conversation as Mentalism' by Mark Elsdon. Walk the walk AND talk the talk!

Mark Elsdon, co-writer of Chanel 4's new hit show, 'Ben Earl: Trick Artist', comes to Full 52! Mark is a creator who is in HUGE demand in the magic world. Be it for his much sought after consultation on major television productions or for general advice and guidance on any and every facet of live magic performance, his is definitely a name to conjour with.

Here, Mark presents his much sought after e-book containing what may be described as the most valuable material you will ever learn. Why? Because 'Conversation as Mentalism' contains NINE effects that happen, completely unannounced, during normal conversation! It's the ultimate in IMPROMPTU MAGIC!

Imagine, while doing nothing more than talking to someone, you cause something strange and completely inexplicable to happen. The effect of demonstrating a genuine mystery without warning or fanfare is utterly devastating and in this awesome book you will learn no less than NINE different ways to do exactly that. And, this is not merely clever word play either. We're talking about HARD HITTING mentalism here! Maybe you read their mind about a film they’ve seen or a book they’ve read. Maybe it’s a simple verbal game where you ‘hypnotise’ them into being unable to win or perhaps you are able to correctly predict the change in their pocket.

Those effects and more have been designed with one outcome in mind, to amaze whoever you are talking to without the aid of any gadgets, gizmos or gimmicks.

Here's a run down of the NINE effects:

GAME ON - Using 'suggestion techniques' during the conversation, you render your spectator completely unable to win an imaginary dice game!

LIES - You always know which of your spectators hands has a large 'X' drawn on it.

SEVEN - You are somehow able to divine which of the seven deadly sins your spectator is just thinking of.

ALL CHANGE - You make several correct predictions about the number of coins in a spectators pocket - just by HEARING them!

THUMBTHING - Permanently rob your spectator of a completely useless physical capability they never even realised they had!

THIS YEARS BOOK - A book-test with NO BOOK!

SIXTY TWO PENCE - Correctly idenitfy the whereabouts of three hidden coins and divine the date on the last one!

LANDLINE -Anyone thinks of ANYTHING. You phone a RANDOM number from the phone book and that person announces the thought of item!

ONE FOR THE ROAD - An imaginary drinking session ends with an impossible prediction!

Coversation as Mentalism' - NO serious performer should be without it!

'Conversation as Mentlism vol.2' available now - click here!

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