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Boxing Clever demo 02:45

Dave Forrest's 'Boxing Clever' - signed card to matchbox. Instant video download available now at www.full52.com

Boxing Clever (+ Bonus Royale with Threes)


Product Description

Dave Forrest's 'BOXING CLEVER'

One of the most well received ideas from Dave's 'Trickery' DVD, 'Boxing Clever' is basically the most organic 'mystery box' you'll ever find. Dave will show you how to gaff an ordinary matchbox so that it may be shown completely empty but, at your command, a signed playing card can be discovered inside - without you having to go near the matchbox at any time! The card inside can then be removed and, once again - the matchbox can be shown empty! This super-organic prop is utilised in Dave's hyper-commercial routine which involves the matchbox in such a way that it is never suspected as the place where the card will finally be discovered! At only a fiver - this must be the biggest bargain in magic!



Originally found in the pages of 'Fandango' this flashy card effect hits them like a freight train! The two red Kings are set aside. A card is selected - let's say it's the Three of Hearts - and lost back into the pack. The two Kings are placed on top of the deck and the Three of Hearts instantly appears in between them! Then, WITH A FLOURISH, this three card sandwich is VISUALLY TRANSFORMED INTO ALL FOUR THREES!

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