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'P.O.A' from 'Automata 2' - available now at www.full52.com 03:03

'P.O.A' taken from the 'Automata 2' DVD. Get it here: http://www.full52.com/automata-2/ A simple memory game becomes an amazing vanish and reappearance of a coin that ends up taped to a signed business card! Amazing and yet, it's completely self-working!

Automata 2


Product Description

Get the 'Aqua Ring' thread here.

Get the standard 'Weird Wallet' here.

Get the 'Deluxe close-up leather Weird Wallet' here.

'Automata 2’ marks the second instalment of the smash hit self-working series from Full 52 Productions. 

On this DVD you‘ll find ELEVEN more completely self working magic effects using a variety of everyday objects and this time round - there are ZERO CARD TRICKS!

Gary Jones and Dave Forrest will first demonstrate the potential power of self working magic with live studio performances then walk you step-by-step through the methods behind the miracles, offering professional tips and advice along the way. But, don’t be mistaken. This is no ordinary, self working magic...

In 'Aqua Ring’ Gary borrows a finger ring and ties it securely to a loop of dental floss yet the ring somehow makes good it‘s escape...underwater! In ‘P.O.A’ a coin cleanly vanishes from Dave’s hand only to re-appear taped to a business card that was previously examined and signed by a spectator! Watch Gary correctly identify which drawing was made by which spectator before accurately duplicating a third drawing in ‘Peeky Blinder’! Dave reaches into his spectator’s mind and begins to hum the tune that his spectator is mentally singing to themselves in ‘Earworm’! And, in ‘LEAD FREE’, a coin cleanly and effortlessly bends in the hand of your spectator! 

All this plus SIX MORE spectacular effects including a self working ‘coin through table’ (CHIP SHOT), a self working book test (FIXED QUOTE) - the list goes on! 'Automata 2' - A killer collection of original magic and mentalism with rings, strings, coins, books, business cards, poker chips, dice, mobile phones, wallets, envelopes...but definitely no playing cards!

AMAZING BUSINESS - Triple prediction with business cards!
EARWORM - Reveal a song they’re thikning of!
WEIRD WALLET - Three chances to win...they never do!
MY HERO - Which comic book superhero are you?
PEEKY BLINDER - A three part mentalism spectacular! 
FIXED QUOTE - Did somebody say self working book test?
CHIP SHOT - Poker chip through table!
P.O.A - Self working coin vanish...and reappearance?
NO LUCK - Predict the outcome of three dice...almost!
AQUA RING - Houdini’s water torture escape, close-up!
LEAD FREE - Self working coin bend, anyone?? 



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  1. Stand-out effect is Aqua Ring

    Posted by Mike on 1st Nov 2015

    You'll certainly find some good material here but for me the stand-out effect is aqua ring. Using a borrowed ring and dental floss it's easy, impressive and you end clean. It's worth the price of the disk and involves a fiendish method you won't have come across before. Who knew dental floss could .accomplish so much!

  2. Great Commerial Magic!

    Posted by Unknown on 31st Oct 2015

    Useful effects for the working pro who doesn't always want to work hard. These are easy-to-learn effects that I expect will really pack a punch for very little effort and very little reset. Also, the effects don't take up much space and can play big and play surrounded! It's magic for the real world--no pipe dreams here.