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Michael Murray’s ‘ATM’ - EXCLUSIVE TO FULL 52!

Michael Murray returns to Full 52 with another EXCLUSIVE! Another show stopping piece of cutting edge mentalism that will have you apparently read your spectators mind by revealing their PIN number!

"AMAZING! Lots of very clever subtleties throughout that all together create a spectacular illusion of real mind reading. I love it!" - Dee Christopher

"I absolutely LOVE IT! Well structured and thought out, the only conclusion anyone watching can come to is that it is real mind reading! The techniques Michael teaches are also adaptable to other routines and should get your creative juices flowing!" - Paul Carnazzo

Here's how it plays out:

The mentalist opens with a brief discussion regarding perception and requests the assistance of a willing volunteer. This volunteer is then requested to think of one of the following five categories: Love, Health, Travel, Finance and Careers. Having settled on one in their mind they are further requested to think of something personal to them from within their chosen category.

The mentalist then requests that his helper close their eyes and proceeds to place them into a relaxed state. Whilst taking the spectators pulse the mentalist calls aloud each of the five categories. Indicating that he has discovered something, the mentalist picks up a pad of paper and writes upon it the word ‘Finance’ allowing the whole audience to see what has been written. The mentalist then takes hold of the spectator’s wrist once more and proceeds to count from zero to nine. Picking up the pad for a second time the mentalist writes the words ‘Four numbers?’ followed by ‘Pin Number?’ allowing the audience to see what has been written.

Tearing the notes from the note pad the mentalist then claims that he knows exactly what the spectator is thinking of and proceeds to openly write down four numbers. Claiming that what he has written will only make sense to his helper he removes the page with the numbers on and divides it into quarters each having a separate number written upon it. The mentalist turns the numbers so that the writing side is hidden from view and then openly rearranges the numbers (thus keeping the exact identity of the spectators pin number secret). The four numbers in their newly arranged order are then held in front of the spectators face. The spectator is then asked to open his eyes so that they may see what has been written. The spectator reacts and confirms that you have successfully read their mind. They were thinking of their pin number and you were 100% correct in your divination. You then state that the spectator may worry that you have knowledge of their PIN number and so before they leave the room/stage you successfully erase their mind!

“Michael Murray is one of the cleverest guys around. I wish I had seen him perform ATM before I read it as it would definitely have fooled me. ATM is brilliantly constructed and extremely devious. I can also see this working well in close-up situations and that's where I'll be using it. Unlike other routines, ATM is reassuringly safe - Michael has covered all the bases here - Highly recommended! - Iain Moran

This guy is a genius and this concept/effect is no exception. I said before that Michael is one of my favourite creators but this just became an understatement. Michael IS my favourite creator!" -Titanas

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