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Double Decker


Product Description

'Double Decker' - Two decks from one case!

"This really is very clever!" David Regal

Remove two decks of cards from a single case! 'Double Decker' is a manuscript describing the construction of a gimmicked deck that will allow you to produce two decks of cards from a single card box! As always, the instructions are very clear and concise with each step of the process illustrated with cutting edge, stylised diagrams, the likes of which have never been seen before in magic literature. Making the deck is easy, requiring nothing more than a deck of cards, a few household items and an hour of your time.

The possibilities are endless with 'Double Decker' and the manuscript will provide a couple of routines to get you started. You have to see the look on peoples faces when you produce the second deck from the case - priceless!

The real strong point with 'Double Decker' is that the gimmicked deck appears completely normal and can be handled in much the same way as you would an ordinary deck of cards. 'Double Decker' will quickly become THE way to open your card set.


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